The truth is the foundation for our trip was begun long before 2017, long before we cast off our lines,
I took my mom by the hand and started to dance Salsa. My dad looked at his watch, his eyes
“Today for school we are going to doing something different” my mom said with a big smile on her face
Epic Ship. While in La Paz we met an amazing couple on their journey through life. Their goal in life
As I read my Dads latest blog on kids being kids, tears streamed down my face. At the bottom of
“Hey girls!” my mother shouted. “Yeah mom?” I asked sarcastically. She came rushing towards me with a book in her
I sat in the cockpit of our floating home, anchored a few hundred feet off the rocky shore in a
I watched the flaming sun go down and night fell fast. I sat there bored and tired. Makena looked at
I felt my heavy eyes droop closed. The incessant thrum of the engine lured me to sleep. I awoke to
Heading into San Francisco was surreal! With Berkeley Marina as our destination, we followed a container ship in. Todd in