03/16/18 – The Wall of Memories (Shay)

I took my mom by the hand and started to dance Salsa. My dad looked at his watch, his eyes went big, and stopped the song. “Okay guys, party’s over,” my dad said. “Oh, come on Dad! Can’t we have one more song?” I pleaded. “No,” he said firmly, “it is way past your bed time.” I sighed and said, “all right fine…” I put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth, and flopped on to the couch. “Goodnight,” I whispered, “goodnight,” my parents said.
I snuggled in deeper and shut my eyes only for me to open them again. I looked up at my wall of places. Almost everywhere I went, I bought a postcard from the place we were at, and taped it on my wall. I decided to start my wall of places in Newport Oregon. Getting in to Oregon was thrilling! It was extremely foggy, very dark and we couldn’t see the bow of our own boat! OH! And that is where we saw the full solar eclipse. That was spectacular! The second place that we visited was Monterey Bay. Monterey is the place we saw that sea otter who attacked a person to defend her pretend “pup” which was a headless duck she killed. The second place we visited, was Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara was where we saw our Grandma and Uncle. It was a lot of fun where my Grandma lived. There was a playground, flowers, and birds! It was beautiful there. Our fourth stop, was the Channel Islands. The first place we went to was the Painted Caves. The haunted bark of the hundreds of sea lions still echoed in my head. I still remember the current that pulled us further and further in. A shiver ran through my spin. The second place we went to was Smugglers Cove. That’s where we saw that fox! It was very small and cute. It came very close to us which made me a little nervous, but the fox didn’t come any closer. The third place we visited was Catalina Island. It was CRAZY! It was Buccaneer’s Day. People had 20 different pirate flags on their boats, people even dressed like pirates. Oh, and people blared music and squirted water guns at us. Then, they had a crazy party that lasted till 2:00 in the morning. Our fifth stop, was San Diego. That’s where we got to see my Grandpa and Grandma. They live on a golf course, and every time we visit them, we go out and search for bunnies. We had a lot of fun with them. We also got scuba certified, in San Diego. I still remember my first breath underwater! It was unforgettable. Our sixth stop was Cabo San Lucas. That is when we decided to say what our favorite part of the trip was. The color of the water was the most beautiful color and it was so warm. It was there where we saw our first sea turtle! The seventh stop was La Paz. It was a lot of fun in La Paz. We made a lot of new friends and snorkeled with whale sharks! They were so big, and very fast too! Their mouths would open wide hoping to catch some food. Next, we scuba dived with the sea lions! That was really cool. Eighth stop was here, Mazatlán. Here in Mazatlán, there are pools with caves you can go inside of, and the property is very beautiful. We also seen our very first iguana! And tomorrow, we are going horseback riding on the beach! That will be so much fun.
I looked up at the wall of memories and had so much appreciation for our trip. We’ve had so many phenomenal memories. I love our trip with a passion. I once again thought what it would be like to be back in Orcas Island, to be back in school! That will be very different for all of us. Then, my cat, Jinjer, realized that I was awake, so she jumped on to my “bed” and started to lick my face with her scratchy tongue. She went to my feet and curled up into a ball. I could hear her purring loudly which eased me to sleep.

The Wall: Shay’s special wall where she keeps her memories

6 thoughts on “03/16/18 – The Wall of Memories (Shay)

  1. I loved reading your blog about the
    experiences you all are having.
    Thank you for sharing and be safe!

  2. Wow! All I can say is “wow” Shay. You are incredible! What a beautiful story, David and I both read
    it together and were so impressed with your writing. It brought your trip alive for us and made us
    feel the excitement that you have felt; that is hard to do for any writer and you nailed it!
    Thank you for sharing your story with the world; don’t stop writing!

  3. Absolutely wonderful! “It’s so Shay”!!!
    You made us feel like we were enjoying this wonderful odyssey with you… Many
    experiences have enriched you and there are so many more to come…KEEP
    We love you so very much,


  4. What an AMAZING recap of your
    adventures Shay Bear!!! (So Far!!! 🙂 All
    of us truly enjoy reading everyone’s
    blogs! It’s so great that you’re capturing
    the memories with blogging because it’ll
    live on forever! Enjoy the Adventure and
    great job again Shay! Love, Uncle Kev

    1. Thanks for always replying to our Bear Nancy! You are always amazing. Can’t wait to hear how your play goes. So so wish we could be there!!!!

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