The Crew

Shay: I like sailing in 20 knot winds. When I see white caps, I say, “can we go there?”. I love animals so much that when I grow up I want to be an animal rescuer. I love our boat and I’m excited to see what is beyond Washington where I live. I’m most excited to see new places. I love the wind and the Ocean! I love sports and nature.

Makena: Hi, I’m Makena, I am now 14 and every day I fall in love with our cruising lifestyle again. I enjoy to dive and hike with my family as well as surfing and reading. I wish every person could get this unique experience and find the incredible and peaceful lifestyle cruising leads.

. Todd: I grew up on Martha’s Vineyard sailing various small boats and windsurfing. Being on the water was a huge part of my life. Before I was born, my mom and dad had dreamed of sailing with their kids someday. They searched the East Coast for many years for the “perfect” boat. My dad being a master craftsman, chose to buy a bare hull and build his own boat hoping it would become a family project. With the responsibilities of family and business, his dream was launched over thirty years later. Sadly he passed away before he was ever able to sail his dream. I am proud of my dad. Today, “Patience”, one of his many legacies happily sails the waters of Vineyard Sound with his wife, kids and grandchildren. I am incredibly grateful to my parents for making sailing a part of our lives and even more grateful Shelby and I get to pass along this same ancient art to our own children.

Shelby: I am a long time educator who has longed to teach my own children. I am ecstatic that I get the opportunity on this grand adventure, co-teaching with my hubby. I have always dreamed of living aboard and sailing to exotic places. “This Silva Adventure” will fulfill my blue water dreams alongside my family, deepening our family unit and creating a memory for a lifetime.”

Snowy: Snowy is as much a part of our family as any of us. Always willing to follow her “pack”, she is the perfect boating dog! She prefers day sails to overnights, but is willing to go with the flow, as long as she’s with her pack. We hope she masters the art of relieving herself, while on long passages. You can always find Snowy, she’s the one snuggling up to you..what a love she is!
Jinjer: From only a few weeks old, Jinjy kitty has been a boat cat. Taking quickly to the sea life, Jinjer is certainly the cutest companion we could ask for! Jinjer is very fascinated in the outside world. When we are in a stressful situation, Jinjer pops her head out to take a look where we are. Because of that, Jinjer now has a tether so she won’t jump off the boat, chasing flies. We love her so much and are grateful she is a part of our journey!