09/10 –> 09/11 – San Francisco to Monterey – The Angry Storm (By:Shay Silva age 11)

I watched the flaming sun go down and night fell fast. I sat there bored and tired. Makena looked at me and then looked up at the stars that reflected in her dark brown eyes. I gave a deep sigh, then said “let’s do something.” “ Okay” Makena said. She did not look too thrilled at the idea. We joked around laughing. Then, I saw in the corner of my eye, my mom squinting. “Whats wrong?” I asked in a nervous low voice. My mom glanced at me for what felt like a second and then said, “lighting”. I felt sick to my stomach. “No no no no” I said, in a terrified voice. I saw a lot of videos of people’s boats getting struck by lightning. Makena said, in a annoyed voice, “we are fine” I tried to open my brain to the idea, but it told me I don’t believe her. Makena calmed me down by talking to me, and we sang songs together. Every time my mom saw lightning, she said, “There!!!” as the sky lit up. It was though a light turned on in a dark attic. Then, I said, “I’m going to bed.” I thought maybe that would help.

I layed in my small bed, my eyes wide open. I tried to close them but it felt as though balloons were holding my eyelids up. After while sleep took over. After about 15 minutes, I woke up and my stomach lurched as our boat flew from a large wave. Then, I heard a loud smack as we landed from that big wave. Immediately I sprang up, but only to be shoved down by my lee cloth. This time, more conscious about it, I slowly got up. I climbed the stairs which led to the cockpit. I looked at my dad as he was at the helm. He was dripping with water. I slunked up stealthily to cockpit and then my dad yowled, “SHAY GRAB ONTO SOMETHING!” I grabbed the nearest thing which was a medal bar. I grabbed the bar at the exact moment a 35 knot gust howled at our boat. Then, I smacked my chin on the cockpit seat from a large wave. I saw my dad’s eyes widen and The Answer groaned and creaked as a 10 foot wave pummeled her. The wave splashed over our boat getting me and my dad soaked. I had a large wave of love and gratitude for my dad as he got pummeled by another large wave. I heard all the pots and pans go crashing to the floor. I suppressed a shiver. I saw my sister jolt awake. I felt sorry for her, as this was her first night off shore. She got up and grabbed her water proof stuff. She tried to come up in the cockpit, but before she got up the stairs, my dad snapped at her saying, “STAY DOWN!!!!” She obeyed and stayed down. I felt a wave of happiness. I love storms. They are graceful, but angry. It is like watching a cheetah run stride by stride. I felt strength pulsing from our boat, The Answer, as she charged into the angry splashing waves. This was the best moment ever. I felt thankfulness for being on this trip and not sleeping in my warm bed at home. “Thank you,” I whispered.